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Whatever your needs,
our aim is to make your life easier,
your environment better,

The CLART Concept

The art of living, too often neglected, is even more important in today’s world. Our state of mind, the way we live our everyday life are vital to our health and happiness. When the outside world inundates us with stress and chaos, our home should offer a gentle reprieve where design, art and comfort insulate us and provide a sense of balance.

With its services in interior design (designer), fashion (personal shopper) and gastronomy (French cooking lessons), CLART offers you its knowledge, enthusiasm and passion to create and design your own trends that respect your needs and your lifestyle.

Whether it is your home’s interior, your wardrobe or the cuisine, CLART’s purpose is to create a universe that looks like you, to offer a personalized service allowing you to live better and with style.

About us

CLART was founded in 2008 by Pamela Seyrat and Marie Seyrat, two sisters from Paris, growing up surrounded by fashion, beauty and cultural richness. From Paris to London, with experiences in Berlin, New York and Milan, they have developed a cosmopolitan sensibility, explored trends and have learned to incorporate the finest elements from all of these capitals and other regions they have visited into a harmonious, elegant and tranquil way of life.

Their rich, yet diverse, professional journeys make of them a complementary duo: Pamela, educated in finance, worked at Volkswagen Bank and PricewaterhouseCoopers; Marie, specialized in marketing and communications with extensive experience in media (TF1, MTV NY, Prisma Presse). She also spent time in art and fashion working for Mauboussin Paris, La Reunion des Musees Nationaux (French National Museums) and Sergio Rossi (Gucci).

On top of these management, financial and marketing backgrounds, each of them followed their own passion: Pam obtained a HND in Interior Design while Marie got a diploma in Image and Fashion Styling.

Determined to create a family-held business paying tribute to the French “Art de vivre”, Marie and Pamela built CLART with shared values: enthusiasm, trust, respect and professionalism.

CLART offers three services: interior design, fashion consulting and french cooking classes for which they asked Stéphanie Bardon, who previously worked for the famous French Chef Alain Ducasse, to join their team.

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