Clart - Los Angeles - Interior Design, home staging and Decoration with a modern French touch.
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Art d'interieur

Our home is one of the essential elements to our personal balance, an inestimable refuge from our everyday annoyances, obligations and concerns: feeling good at home Is part of our well-being.
How to decorate, fit out your interior, create a harmony of style ? how to know what designs and furniture suit you best and how to adapt your habitat to your lifestyle ?
Whatever your budget and your needs, CLART listens to you, takes into consideration your space and your personality, in order to design an interior that is a unique place … your place.

- Decoration of your empty space or a total re-decoration of a space you are unhappy with.
- Re-decoration to maximize your space and highlight the pieces of furniture and pieces of art that you already have.
- Purchase of specific items and furniture to modify your space.


- Fill out the form : Be CLART.
- First meeting to get to know you, to see the space we will be working with and to talk about your needs and tastes.
- The project starts upon approval of the quote and proposal.


- Expertise : advice and guidance of experts
- Customization : identification of your style and tailored service
- Usefulness : Specific and purposeful purchases

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