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Art de la mode

Wearing an item of clothing is an artistic endeavor. From knowing your body to choosing the right outfit for the appropriate occasion, considering the trends, the color, the fabr/ic, and your style… an outfit or an accessory can make the difference.

After consulting with you regarding your special occasions and the fashion statement you want to convey, the colors and fabr/ics you feel comfortable in, CLART’s personal shopper can find your best self, create a look that is uniquely yours and flatters your figure, helping you to assert your identity through the glamour and the subtlety of a garment and accessorizes.


- Fill out the form : Be CLART.
- CLART sends you the prices for this service.
- First meeting to get to know you better, take your measurements, talk about your lifestyle, tastes and needs.
- CLART goes shopping to select a few items depending on your budget and the information collected.
- Second meeting dedicated to fittings and choosing the right outfit.


- Convenience : CLART saves you the time and hassle of going from store-to-store.
- Expertise : Advice and guidance of a expert
- Customization : Identification of your style and tailored service
- Utility : Specific and purposeful purchases

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