Clart - Los Angeles - Cooking lessons at your home with our French Chef.
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Art de la table

Inviting and delicious, the meal is a very special moment of the day, a time of pleasure to reconnect. Training with our chef is a simple way to discover the richness and creativity of French cuisine known for its finesse and incomparable flavors…

It’s the art of making people happy through the most basic and indispensable ingredient of life… food.

Whether you want to take cooking classes on your own or with friends, our chef will come to your home and familiarize you with the elements of French cuisine, teaching you step-by-step to cook your selection from our menu.


- Download the file and choose your menu.
- Fill out the form : Be CLART.
- CLART contacts you to confirm the date of the lesson and to give you the quote.
- Prepare yourself for an incredible culinary experience.


- Convenience: we come to you.
- Variety : wide range of recipes, all adjustable to your needs.
- Expertise : guidance and techniques of a French Chef.
- Confidence : guarantee of successful meals.
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